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25-03-2014, 03:47 PM
New recorders may now register with the UKDFD and use the new forum. Those doing so will automatically have access to the new database as soon as it becomes available. It should be noted, however, that recording is currently suspended while the new database is being developed. To register, please click on the link below.



Existing recorders must not re-register. Those that do so will lose the link to their personal galleries ('My records').
If you are an existing recorder, and have not yet visited the new forum, you should go to the log-on section (link below), enter your email and request a new password.


Anyone who has changed their email address since registering with UKDFD (so can't change their password), please PM Gordon Heritage with the following info:

UKDFD Username:
Old Email address:
New Email Address:

Existing users please note:
The new database software is not live and not viewable. The old database software you see now will still use your old password, not the new one you obtain for the new forum. The only reason you might wish to log on to the old database is to view finds awaiting validation. All other finds are viewable without logging on.