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02-05-2014, 10:35 AM
In order to secure the long term future of the UKDFD it is necessary to ask for a very modest 15 per year contribution from recorders. This enables the recording of up to three records a day (24 hour period, not calendar date).

There is no cost associated with the use of any other features of the database, including the search facilities and the forum, but it is necessary to register to get the benefit of some of them. Registration is completely free.

It should be noted that there are still a number of issues with the latest database software, including the fact that searching 'all fields' actually only searches the first eight fields. There are also issues with the thumbnail images on the records, the effect of which varies according to the browser you are using. For example, clicking the thumbnails on individual records changes the main image correctly on Firefox, but nothing happens on Chrome and IE. These issues are associated with the base software we use, rather than the way in which we have tailored it for the UKDFD. We therefore have to wait for the third-party software to be updated to resolve the outstanding issues.

This information is current at 11 October 2014 and supersedes any earlier dated material on the UKDFD website dealing with the same subject matter.