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19-04-2017, 08:04 AM
Hi Everyone.
I just thought I would give you a little more information on the UKDFD coming upgrade and site enhancements.
Rod and I spent quite a while on the phone yesterday going through the new software and how it could be customised for UKDFD.

Please watch this space for further information and I will try and keep you all updated as much as I can.

Kind regards,


P.s Any donation to UKDFD would be of great help.
As you know that the site is run by volunteers and Gordon Heritage and I pay for the server and software for the site.
The money donations we have coming in does not cover the expenses we have. You support would be greatly appreciated.

The new database software has now been purchased and the work required to customize and configure it for the UKDFD will begin immediately. This enables us to answer a number of queries that have been raised, and to provide further general information.

1. The new software will provide for the printing of individual records, and it will also be possible for recorders to create their own pdf files.

2. The new software will have a fully functional search facility with multiple options. (The present search facility is defective and only searches the first few record fields.)

3. Recorders will be able to preview records they are uploading before submitting them.

4. Clicking on a record's thumbnail images will correctly enlarge them for viewing. (This feature ceased working on the present database some time ago.)

5. The appearance of the database will change significantly (beyond recognition!), but textual details and images will be unaffected.

6. Recorders with subscriptions current when the present database was closed for recording will have their annual period extended to compensate for the full period the database is unavailable for recording.

7. The income from subscriptions is insufficient to cover normal running costs, let alone new software, so we will be looking at other possible means of generating income. The new software has many options in this respect, so we will be reviewing these.

8. A lot of work is required to configure the new database, so we ask all users to be patient while it is undertaken. In the meantime, we will keep the present database online on a 'read-only' basis as much as we can. There will, however, inevitably be periods when this isn't possible. Recorders can continue to post finds for identification on the forum.

If anyone has any particular queries, please post on this thread and I will try to answer. I cannot yet estimate when the database work will be completed. As you will know, all UKDFD staff work on an unpaid voluntary basis, and their availability is affected by other personal factors.

21-04-2017, 06:06 AM
The server has now been upgrade.. you may see a few errors.
The good thing.. after making a few changes is that we can keep this forum and database online.


Database uploading is still disabled.
This has to be done as I am working on the new software.
If I allowed uploads while I am working on the software... those uploads would be lost.
By suspending uploads the Validators work would not be in-vain. :-)

Keep watching this area and I will keep you informed as things progress.

08-06-2017, 12:28 PM
Still working on it chaps... so hang in there..

04-09-2017, 01:49 PM
Two things...
This is a vast project... it is taken in my own time and without payment.
So... you will hear when I have finished.

The PAS forum was down for many many months and they had financial backing and was funded for loads of money.

This site is run by volunteers and the contributions we do get... do not even cover the running costs and it is paid for by myself and Gordon Heritage.