Please be advised that the UKDFD is about to initiate two measures, as detailed below, to ensure that the quality of the database is maximised as a research facility.

1. A long-term effort to reduce the backlog of unvalidated artefact records is to be put in hand. This process will start with the oldest records in the 'Awaiting validation' area, and progressively work forward towards the more recent records. Records will be reviewed and then processed in one of the following three ways:
(a) Validated and moved to the applicable public category.
(b) Declared unidentifiable/undatable and moved to the public 'Unidentified/undated artefacts' category.
(c) Declared not eligible and removed (without prior notice) from the database.

Recorders whose records are affected by any of the above three actions should receive a notification in the usual way (provided that their email address is up to date and their spam filters allow our automatic messages).

2. We are deliberately 'raising the bar' in respect of eligibility for more common items. Typically the items affected are likely to be relatively recent buckles, buttons, etc., which will not be accepted if the type is already well represented on the database, or they are incomplete, damaged or badly corroded. The same criteria will also apply to common coins in poor condition. If you have any doubts about whether your find is eligible, please post on the forum before uploading.