Prior to its launch in 2005, the UK Detector Finds Database (UKDFD) offered a software facility to the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS), which would have enabled data from appropriately authorised UKDFD records to be copied directly to the PAS database. The aim of this move was to ensure that the information would ultimately reside in the appropriate Historic Environment Record (HER)*. In the event, the PAS declined the offer, and has subsequently adopted a stance that precludes the possibility of any working relationship with the UKDFD.

The UKDFD has therefore decided to offer a similar facility directly to the HERs. If accepted, the UKDFD would add an interface to its database software, which would enable HER representatives to access duly authorised records and copy them directly to their respective databases.

It is important to stress that records would only be made available to the HERs with the express consent of individual recorders, and on a record-by-record basis. All commitments made to recorders regarding confidentiality would remain unchanged.

This statement is issued at a very early stage in the process in order to provide information to interested parties and to anticipate any rumours that may arise as a result of discussion on the Internet or elsewhere. The UKDFD will provide details of any further developments as and when they occur.

* Historic Environment Records (HERs) are databases of archaeological sites, monuments and find-spots maintained by the Local Authorities for their respective areas.