Crotal Bell
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Hidden NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Sat March 8, 2008
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Hidden 655 Rod Blunt
Material Size (mm) Date
Copper alloy Width 28mm x Height 34mm (inc. loop) Circa 18th century




Description: A cast copper-alloy crotal bell. The suspension loop is rectangular with an as-cast aperture. The upper half of the bellchamber is undecorated, and the lower half has a sunburst design. At the centre of the base, on one side of the sound slit, there is an uncertain maker's mark, which possibly includes the letter 'C'. The iron pea-clapper has been lost to corrosion.
Keywords: Crotal Bell
Object Type: Crotal bell Object Classification:
Object Sub-classification: Object Description:
Object Inscription: Period: Post medieval
Date Range: Circa 18th century Primary Material: Copper alloy
Additional Material: Method of Manufacture: Cast
Surface Treatment:
Weight (grams): 25.1g Size (mm): Width 28mm x Height 34mm (inc. loop)
References: Comments: Found 4 March 2008
Findspot: Newark County: NOTTINGHAMSHIRE
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Metal Detector Used: Teknetikcs T2 Record validated by: Rod Blunt


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