Victoria Model Penny
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Material Size (mm) Issue date
Copper and brass 22




Description: A model penny of Victoria, struck in copper with a brass centre.

These model coins were issued by Joseph Moore between 1844 and 1848, when the Government was tentatively discussing plans to replace the heavy copper coinage then in circulation. They were produced in such large numbers, and became so popular with the public, that the Royal Mint had to make an official pronouncement stating that they were not responsible for their manufacture.

Cf. UKDFD 3394 (similar, but with white metal centre).
Keywords: Victoria Model Penny
State: United Kingdom Reign/Issue Authority: Victoria
Denomination: Penny Classification: Model coin
Mint: Moneyer:
Issue Date: Metal: Copper and brass
Weight (grams): 3.5 Diameter (mm): 22
Obverse Description: Young head of Victoria left. Obverse Legend: Outer (on copper): ONE PENNY MODEL; Inner (on brass) VICTORIA REG
Reverse Description: Large figure '1' Reverse Legend: Outer (on copper): ONE PENNY MODEL
References: C W Peck, English Copper, Tin and Bronze Coins in The British Museum, 2091. Comments:
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