Cloth Seal
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Hidden DEVON Sun June 15, 2008
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Hidden 1272 Rod Blunt
Material Size (mm) Date
Lead 26mm x 13mm Circa 1630 - 1650




Description: A four-part cloth seal dating to the mid 17th century. One of the inner discs has the initials, R.S in a beaded circle, possibly with an inscription around. The other inner disc has a cock standing in a beaded lozenge. The two discs of the outer (riveted) pair are plain.

The seal referenced below survives only as a single inner disc with the initials RS encircled by the inscription + SVFFOLKE. However, the author comments:

"Similar Suffolk and Essex seals for the alnager RS are known in London and from a wreck off the south coast of Norway, dated to the 1630s - early 1640s (Molaug 1980, 181-2). The other inner disc is known with a crowned harp or cock (e.g. for the latter M.O.L. ABO92 acc. nos. 789, 1051, 1055, the first of these being excavated together with ceramics dated to 1630-50)."
Keywords: Cloth Seal
Object Type: Seal Object Classification: Cloth
Object Sub-classification: Alnage (?) Object Description:
Object Inscription: R.S Period:
Date Range: Circa 1630 - 1650 Primary Material: Lead
Additional Material: Method of Manufacture: Cast and die-stamped
Surface Treatment:
Weight (grams): Size (mm): 26mm x 13mm
References: Cf. Geoff Egan, Lead Cloth Seals and Related Items in the British Museum, No.100. Comments:
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