Annular Brooch
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Material Size (mm) Date
Copper alloy 28mm 13th - 14th century




Description: A medieval annular brooch made from copper-alloy. The frame is divided along the axis of the pin with two different designs: one half has a square cross-section that is twisted; the outer faces are engraved with wriggle work. The other half has a slightly angular cross-section that does not twist; at ninety degrees to the pin is a bulbous cylinder incised with cross hatching. The frame has a constriction for the pin. The pin is missing.
Keywords: Annular Brooch
Object Type: Brooch Object Classification: Open frame
Object Sub-classification: Annular Object Description: Missing pin
Object Inscription: Period: Medieval
Date Range: 13th - 14th century Primary Material: Copper alloy
Additional Material: Method of Manufacture: Cast
Surface Treatment:
Weight (grams): Size (mm): 28mm
References: Cf. MoL, Dress Accessories, No. 1310 Comments:
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