Casket Key
Finder County Date Recorded
Hidden HAMPSHIRE Fri March 19, 2010
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Hidden 919 Rod Blunt
Material Size (mm) Date
Copper alloy 40mm long Circa 13th - 15th century





Description: A medieval copper-alloy casket key with lozenge-shaped bow, circular-section shank with pipe end, and simple bit. The bow has a knop at each of the three exposed external corners, and there is a barrel moulding at the junction with the shank.
Keywords: Casket Key
Object Type: Key Object Classification: Casket
Object Sub-classification: Object Description:
Object Inscription: Period: Medieval
Date Range: Circa 13th - 15th century Primary Material: Copper alloy
Additional Material: Method of Manufacture: Cast
Surface Treatment:
Weight (grams): Size (mm): 40mm long
References: Comments:
Findspot: Near Winchester County: HAMPSHIRE
Recorded elsewhere: No Finder: Hidden
Metal Detector Used: Tesoro Tejon Record validated by: Rod Blunt


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