An irregular penny struck in the name of 'Henry' during the reign of Stephen. The coin is bent into a 'V' shape, and only a few letters of the obverse and reverse legends are legible.

Coins of this type were formerly attributed to Henry of Anjou, but it is now believed that they were anonymously struck by the Angevin Party, and copy the name (and the Type 15 reverse) of Henry I.

The 'IS' in the place name, together with its position in relation to 'ON', suggests that Bristol is a possibility for the mint. The town is also in the right part of the country for the minting of an Angevin Party coin. However, with no known coins recorded from this mint, it isn't possible to confirm. (As far as the validator is aware, coins are known only of Cardiff, Hereford and Gloucester.)

The only thing certain about the moneyer is that his name ends with an 'E', although the penultimate letter might be guessed.