Annular Brooch
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Hidden FLINTSHIRE/SIR FFLINT Mon June 20, 2011
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Hidden 779 Rod Blunt
Material Size (mm) Date
Silver 27mm x 27mm Circa 13th - 14th century


Description: A medieval annular brooch, complete with pin. The frame is formed from circular-section silver wire and is decorated on the front with multiple radial lines. The pin is a composite fabrication of silver wire and strip, and is unusual in having a dagger-like 'cross-guard' at its hinged end. The shaft of the pin is of lozenge-shaped cross-section and has engraved zigzags along the full length of both the frontal faces. It is almost parallel for most of its length, and only tapers noticeably close to the tip. The hinged end has been made by forming a narrow strip of metal into a loop. The three parts of the pin appear to have been made separately and soldered together.

Cf. PAS: CPAT-39BF02
Keywords: Annular Brooch
Object Type: Brooch Object Classification: Open frame
Object Sub-classification: Annular Object Description:
Object Inscription: Period: Medieval
Date Range: Circa 13th - 14th century Primary Material: Silver
Additional Material: Method of Manufacture: Made from wire and strip
Surface Treatment:
Weight (grams): 3.0g Size (mm): 27mm x 27mm
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Findspot: Wrexham County: FLINTSHIRE/SIR FFLINT
Recorded elsewhere: Yes. PAS Finder: Hidden
Metal Detector Used: Minelab E-Trac Record validated by: Rod Blunt


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