A cast two-piece pewter military uniform button of 35th Regiment of Foot (The Royal Sussex) with separate embedded shank (missing); circular; convex front; concave back; an eight-pointed star, at the stars centre 35 within a beaded circle; backmarked: I. NUTTING & SON. KING ST COVENT GARDEN.

Raised By Colonel Arthur Chichester (3rd Earl of Donegal) at Belfast in 1701.


1701, The Earl of Donegal's Regiment of Foot (also Know as 'The Belfast Regiment', (title subsequently changed with Colonel's names)
1751, 35th Regiment of Foot.
1782, 35th (The Dorsetshire) Regiment of Foot.
1805, 35th (The Sussex) Regiment of Foot.
1832, 35th (Royal Sussex) Regiment of Foot.
1881, Amalgamated with the 107th (Bengal Infantry) Regiment to form The Royal Sussex Regiment.