Zoomorphic Mount
Finder County Date Recorded
Hidden HERTFORDSHIRE Fri June 30, 2006
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Hidden 1338 Dean Crawford
Material Size (mm) Date
Copper alloy 33 x 35 mm 1st - 4th century AD





Description: Romano-British cast copper-alloy figurine or mount, in the form of a bird, probably a duck.

The bird is standing. The legs are defined by a central, circular sectioned integrally cast stud, which probably served to attach the object to a vessel. The wings are raised, with four incised lines to each side, which define the feathers. The beak is characteristically duck-like.

Zoomorphic mounts such as this were a popular design on Roman bronze vessels and furnishings such as lamps, jugs and hanging bowls.

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Keywords: Zoomorphic Mount
Object Type: Mount Object Classification: Duck
Object Sub-classification: Zoomorphic Object Description: Complete
Object Inscription: Period: Roman
Date Range: 1st - 4th century AD Primary Material: Copper alloy
Additional Material: Method of Manufacture: Cast
Surface Treatment:
Weight (grams): 27.25 grams Size (mm): 33 x 35 mm
References: Nigel Mills, Celtic & Roman Artefacts, (2000), p. 142; Benets, Artefacts, Second Edition, p.166 Comments:
Findspot: Near Baldock County: HERTFORDSHIRE
Recorded elsewhere: No Finder: Hidden
Metal Detector Used: Minelab Explorer II Record validated by: Dean Crawford


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