Penny of Ludica of Mercia, struck by moneyer Eadgar at uncertain East Anglian mint. Part of flan missing.

Coins of Ludica are extremely rare, and particularly the present type. In a corpus of the coins published in BNJ XXXII (1963) the total is just four, but at least three further examples have subsequently been recorded. Of the present type (North 399), however, there are possibly only three other known examples, two of which were struck by the moneyer Eadgar, and one by Eadnoth. Of the two struck by Eadgar, one is a variety without a beaded inner circle on the obverse, and the other a fragment which was previously attributed to Cuthred of Kent. (This is because the initial letter of the king's name is entered as C rather than L, and only the first two letters, CV, survive on the fragment.) The present coin is struck from different dies to any of the foregoing.