Aethelstan penny, main issue, two-line type. Fragment of approximately 65 percent.

The moneyer, Biorneard, is known to have struck in BMC VIII, but this appears to be the first coin positively to identify a BMC I penny in his name*. In C.E. Blunt's corpus of the coins of Aethelstan (BNJ XLII, 1972), Biorneard is listed as striking in BMC VIII only (at London). In J.J. North's English Hammered Coinage, there is an entry of '(Bi)orn...' for BMC I (Southern and Mercia), suggesting that there was some uncertainty about both the beginning and end of the moneyer's name.

* A BMC I penny with the name variant BEORARD is known (EMC 1034.0010). The coin was found at Chester, and this spelling also occurs on coins that name Chester as the mint. Another variant, BEORNARD, occurs on coins of Derby. The spelling of the name on the present coin, BIORN(E)ARD, appears to occur only on coins of London.