A hinged weight box for a set of bullion cup-weights. The body is conical and has four buttresses on its external diameter, symmetrically spaced between the hinge and catch-plate. The box retains its hinged lid, which is decorated on the top with ring-and-dot motifs in the form of a cross. The box and lid together would have formed the largest weight in the set.

The hinged type of weight box is believed to be later than the separate lid type, and was in use for some considerable time. The present example, however, would seem to be very early in the development, as it retains the buttressed wall of the earlier non-hinged type (e.g.. UKDFD 3751), rather than having the plain conical form the later hinged types (e.g. UKDFD 29766). The form of decoration on the lid also suggests an early date.

See also UKDFD 3930.