The two inner discs of a four-disc alnage seal dating to the reign of Queen Anne. On one disc there is a left-facing bust of Anne, with the inscription, MAG B[RI RE]GIN[A]. On the other disc there is a rose with the fraction 3/4 to the left side. The 3/4 indicates that a tax of threefarthings was levied.

The ’Alnage’ was a tax levied on cloth, and the purpose of the seal was to provide evidence that the tax had been paid and the cloth was legally saleable. The seals were applied by officials (’Alnagers’) appointed by the government to oversee the process. The Alnage, which had been levied since medieval times, was finally abolished in 1724. However, although this marked the end of their use for taxation purposes, lead cloth seals continued to be used for quality control purposes until the 19th century.

See also UKDFD 2824.