Henry IV light coinage penny, struck at the York mint of Archbishop Henry Bowet.

Note re attribution
As virtually all letters of the king's name are illegible, this attribution is tentative, and relies heavily on interpreting the mark on the king's breast as an annulet. The single extant letter of the king's name is here read as 'E', but the amount of space that follows, before reaching 'x REX', seems excessive for the remaining four letters of HENRIC (the usual form on this issue*). It is also noted that the double annulet stops usually found in the reverse legend of this issue do not appear to be present.

* Subsequent research indicates that the form HENRICVS also occurs on this issue. This would seem to be the case with the present coin, and is supported not only by the space available, but also by vestigial traces of the base of a 'V' in the expected position.