Class 2 sub-classes

Henry III LC 2a Penny London +.jpg

Class 2a (1248)

  • The arms of the letter X in REX are curved and the ends are flat and horizontal. The letter is formed by two comma-shaped punches either side of a waisted oblique stroke with offset ends. 


Henry III LC 2b Penny Oxford +.jpg

Class 2b (1248)

  • The arms of the letter X in REX are almost straight and the ends are pointed


Notes regarding class 2 sub-classes

The division of class 2 into two sub-classes is a refinement that was not included in Lawrence’s original classification.

Mules occur between class 2 coins and class 1b coins.

Current research suggests that class 2 can be subdivided on the basis of the form of the star used as the initial mark. The proposed subdivision would, however, entail three new sub-classes (2a, 2b1 and 2b2), with some coins of the present class 2a being transferred to the new class 2b1. As this could potentially cause confusion, the earlier classification is retained for the purpose of the present article.

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