Group 9

Edward I Cl 9a2 Penny London.jpg

Type 9a (c.1299 - 1300/01) - Spink 1407, North 1036/1-2

Coins of type 9a are divided into two varieties. 9a1 has the same crown as 8a and 8b. It has a bell-shaped central fleur, which is usually damaged on the right leaf. The variety also has a large plain initial cross. 9a2 has a new flatter crown with spread side-fleurs, and a smaller initial cross pattée. Both varieties have a top-tilted S and often a star on the breast. When the earlier variety doesn’t have a star, it can easily be confused with 8b, but the H of 9a doesn’t have a notched tail, or a contractive mark after it. The letter A is barred or unbarred, C and E are round, N is normal or unbarred. The coin illustrated is of type 9a2.

King’s name: EDW
Mints: Bury, Canterbury, Durham, London

Edward I Cl 9b2 Penny London.jpg

Type 9b (c.1299 - 1300/01) - Spink 1408, North 1037/1

Coins of type 9b are divided into two varieties. 9b1 has the same crown as 9a2, but a new letter S, which is not top-tilted. 9b2 has a new crown with a straight-sided right side-fleur. Both varieties often have a star on the breast, and similar lettering. The letter A is usually unbarred, C and E are round, N is normal, unbarred, or frequently of pothook form, S is non-composite. The coin illustrated is of type 9b2.

King’s name: EDW
Mints: Bury, Bristol, Canterbury, Chester, Durham, Exeter, Kingston-upon-Hull, London, Newcastle-on-Tyne, York (royal), York (episcopal)

Edward I Cl 9c Penny Canterbury.jpg

Type 9c (c.1299 - 1300/01) - Spink 1408A, North 1037/2

True coins of type 9c are only known of the Bury mint. Those of all other mints are mules, either with an obverse of 9b1 and a reverse of 9c, or an obverse of 9c and a reverse of early 10ab. The latter coins are, amongst others, designated type 10x (see below). The characteristics of 9c dies are larger crude lettering with a barred A and a variable N, which may be normal, reverse-barred or double-barred.

King’s name: EDW, EVV (Bury mint only)
Mints: Bury, Canterbury, Durham, Newcastle-on-Tyne

Edward I Cl 10x Penny Canterbury.jpg

Type 10x (c.1301 - 1302) - Spink -, North -

Coins of type 10x have an obverse of 9b1 or 9c and a reverse of early type 10ab (10ab1—10ab3). The lettering on the reverse differs markedly from the lettering of group 9 in having incurved uprights, which are particularly apparent on the letters I and N.

King’s name: EDW
Mints: Canterbury, Durham, London, Newcastle-on-Tyne

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