I’ve bought a Membership Plan, but can’t access the records?

Apr 08, 2018
If you registered with an earlier version of UKDFD, we have to activate your Membership Plan manually. This is normally done within an hour or two of receiving your subscription, but in some circumstances it might take longer. If you are still unable to access the records 12 hours after payment, please contact us via the 'Contact Us' link on the footer menu.

If you can access records, but see a padlock image over some record images, please log off the website, then log back on again. (This is due to a cookie conflict with the old UKDFD Forum.)

In order to set up your account fully after purchasing a membership plan, you should also complete all the compulsory fields of the registration form. To do this please take the following actions:

1. Select 'My Profile' from your drop-down account menu. (i.e. click your name at the top right of the header)
2. Click the tab 'Account Settings'
3. Complete at least the four compulsory fields that have an asterisk (*) after them
4. Click the large EDIT button at the bottom

Please note that addresses are private, and not accessible to other members.

If you are registering as a new member, the process is fully automatic and you should gain immediate access to the records.

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