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Jul 16, 2024
Next year (2025) will mark the twentieth anniversary of the UK Detector Finds Database (UKDFD). Since its inception, metal-detectorists have recorded well over 50,000 coins and artefacts, and the records collectively have had 45 million views.

Such a valuable resource, particularly with its user-friendly search and record-comparison facilities, has increasingly become of interest to researchers outside the metal-detecting hobby (academics, collectors, etc.). Some of these researchers are deterred by the membership fee, either because they are unsure whether sufficient relevant material has been recorded to justify the cost, or because they wish to make use of the database only on a short, one-off basis.

In recognition of the above, it has been decided to offer a seven-day free trial, alongside our current membership plans. We would ask those who benefit from this option to upgrade to a paid membership plan1 on expiry of the trial period, or make a voluntary donation2 towards the maintenance of the database. It should be noted that attempts to renew free trial periods may result in suspension of the account.

This offer does not affect the charges made for recording finds, which will remain at the present rates for the 'Bronze', 'Silver' and 'Gold' recording packages.

1. Membership plans can be purchased by selecting your name at the top right of the screen, clicking 'My Profile' on the dropdown menu, then the 'Membership' tab, and purchasing one of the paid membership plans, which start at £20.
2. Voluntary donations can be made by selecting your name at the top right of the screen, clicking 'My Credits' on the dropdown menu, and purchasing credits to the value of £5 or more in £5 increments. 

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