Membership Options and Prices - Summary

Jan 10, 2023
The purpose of this post is to summarise and clarify membership options and prices for the benefit of prospective members visiting the website. More detailed information is available from FAQs and at applicable stages of registration and recording.

Membership can be purchased from £20 per year, but longer-term options are available at a cheaper pro-rata price. Membership gives unlimited access to view records and use the database search tools. It does not, however, include the recording of finds, for which members will also need to purchase a recording package. 

Recording packages can be purchased for £5, £15 or £30. These packages provide for the upload of 5, 20 and 60 records respectively. The recording packages are not time-limited, but membership must initially be purchased before they become available. If membership subsequently lapses, but unused uploads remain, they can still be used, but access is then restricted to viewing the recorder's own records.

The details above are correct at 10 January 2023.
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