RSS Feed UKDFD Recording Software Medieval Lead Cross Sun, 23 Jun 2019 19:46:21 GMT Miscellaneous Lead Cross  
Description: A crude cast lead cross with no suspension loop, possibly of the medieval period. It has been suggested (see References below) that crosses of this type were buried with the victims of the Black Death, the pandemic that struck England in the middle of the 14th century.

See also UKDFD 24284 and UKDFD 53427.
Category: Medieval, Miscellaneous
Category: Miscellaneous
Lead Weight Thu, 06 Jun 2019 15:40:29 GMT Lead weights Lead Weight  
Description: A beehive-shaped lead weight with a central axial hole and two embedded transverse iron pins.. The dating of lead objects of this general type is very problematic, and the term 'weight' is used here in its broadest sense to include uses that do not involve weighing (e.g. holding-down, tensioning, etc.)

In order to keep recorded items of this type together, they are categorised on the database under 'Medieval » Weights » Lead weights', but this is for convenience only and should not be regarded as an indicator of the actual date of their manufacture.
Category: Medieval, Weights, Lead weights
Category: Lead weights
Annular Brooch Sat, 25 May 2019 11:37:37 GMT Brooches Annular Brooch  
Description: An annular brooch of flat circular form with two turrets and two areas of decoration. The turrets contain a chalky substance which is probably calcium carbonate, used to set stones (probably of glass). The pin is fitted on a locally reduced section of the frame and remains intact. The underside of the brooch is flat.
Category: Medieval, Brooches
Category: Brooches
Seal Matrix Thu, 23 May 2019 17:35:06 GMT Seal matrices Seal Matrix  
Description: A flat vesica-shaped copper-alloy seal matrix of the medieval period. The device is a crescent moon and star, and the Latin legend is * DISPLICA ET VIDE, probably intended to be understood as 'Uncover and see' (see References below). The reverse of the seal is plain except for a pierced suspension lug (now broken) at the top.

See also UKDFD 51129 for similar intaglio device.
Category: Medieval, Seal matrices
Category: Seal matrices
Seal Matrix Thu, 23 May 2019 17:26:00 GMT Seal matrices Seal Matrix  
Description: A circular, 'chessman style' seal matrix of the late medieval to early post medieval period. It has a tapering hexagonal-section handle, surmounted by an integral triple-collared suspension loop. The engraved device is an ornamental letter 'A' with pellets all round and a leafy spray on one side. There is no legend.
Category: Medieval, Seal matrices
Category: Seal matrices
Single Loop Oval Buckle Sun, 12 May 2019 19:57:34 GMT Single loop buckles Single Loop Oval Buckle  
Description: A single loop oval buckle with narrowed and offset strap bar. The frame has four lobes separated by three transverse grooves, the central one providing a pin rest. The pin is missing.
Category: Medieval, Buckles and buckle plates, Single loop buckles
Category: Single loop buckles
Strap-End Thu, 31 Mar 2016 00:00:00 GMT Strap-ends Strap-End  
Description: A medieval gilded copper-alloy strap-end with moulded and tooled decoration. The strap-end is a composite type with cast front and sheet-metal back plate. The attachment end is rectangular and has two rivet holes, both of which retain copper-alloy rivets to secure the strap. The front is decorated, but it is uncertain what the design represents*. The free end is lozenge-shaped with geometric decoration (possibly a stylised rose) and a terminal that is moulded in the form of a stylised animal head. The terminal is pierced transversely through the animal's snout. There is a small circular hole in the back plate in the centre of the lozenge-shaped section.

Strap-ends of this type were used to fasten books, the small hole in the back plate fitting over a peg on the cover. The hole in the terminal would have been used to attach a chain or cord to facilitate drawing the strap-end over the peg.

* Possibly a male and female figure standing (see Image 5).
Category: Medieval, Strap-ends
Category: Strap-ends
Strap-End Sat, 11 May 2019 19:12:54 GMT Strap-ends Strap-End  
Description: An incomplete copper-alloy strap-end of composite three-part construction, consisting of a forked cast spacer and sheet front and back plates. The strap-end has broken at the base of the two prongs on the spacer, and the attachment end is now missing. The surviving part consists of a lozenge-shaped spacer with a collared and fully moulded acorn-knop terminal, and plain front and back plates of matching shape riveted to it. One rivet is visible at the point of fracture.
Category: Medieval, Strap-ends
Category: Strap-ends
Coin-Weight, Half Ecu Fri, 10 May 2019 13:06:27 GMT Coin-weights Coin-Weight, Half Ecu  
Description: A circular uniface coin-weight for checking the French half ecu d'or. The weight depicts a crowned shield bearing three fleurs-de-lis with a lis on either side. The ecu and its half circulated in England, and in 1525 were worth four and two shillings respectively. The full weight of the half ecu is about 1.7g.
Category: Medieval, Weights, Coin-weights
Category: Coin-weights
Single Loop Buckle with Integral Plate (Fragment) Wed, 24 Apr 2019 15:20:30 GMT Buckles with integral plates or spacers Single Loop Buckle with Integral Plate (Fragment)  
Description: A fragment of a single loop buckle with integral plate and hooked terminal. The buckle frame and pin are missing and only the gilt plate element survives. It has tooled zig-zag decoration to the face and one rivet hole at the terminal end complete with a copper-alloy rivet. The plate is broken at the second attachment rivet hole. Probably an elaborate spur buckle.

See also; UKDFD 34321UKDFD 50118 
Category: Medieval, Buckles and buckle plates, Buckles with integral plates or spacers
Category: Buckles with integral plates or spacers
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