RSS Feed UKDFD Recording Software Artefacts Gusset Plate Wed, 15 Sep 2010 00:00:00 GMT Wrist clasps Gusset Plate  
Description: An elaborately decorated ('chip-carved') cast copper-alloy gusset plate (sleeve fittting) of the early Anglo-Saxon period. The plate is of an elongated sub-triangular form, with a grotesque face-mask at each end. The two masks face outwards and the heads are connected by a long slender 'neck' with a bulbous swelling at the centre. The mask at the narrower end appears to depict an extended tongue. On either side of the mount, at the wider end, there are two well defined Salin Style I animals with classic three-clawed crouching legs. The animals face inwards and flank the face-mask at that end of the mount, their claws almost touching its eyes. The front of the mount is heavily gilded, with much of the gilt finish surviving in the recesses of the design. The back is tinned or silvered. The mount has two holes for attachment, one on each side at the wider end.

A gusset plate was sometimes sewn to the sleeve of a garment in conjunction with a pair of functional wrist clasps as a decorative dress accessory. The fact that these fittings are few in number suggests that they were not a common feature.
See also; UKDFD 3271UKDFD 17061 & UKDFD 56351
Category: Early Medieval, Wrist clasps
Category: Wrist clasps
Gusset Plate Thu, 23 Sep 2021 14:09:16 GMT Wrist clasps Gusset Plate  
Description: An incomplete openwork gusset plate (sleeve fitting) of the early Anglo Saxon period. The plate is triangular in form, lightly curved, with fractured evidence of corner projections (attachment loops). The terminal end is now missing. Zoomorphic decoration around the periphery and open central frame consists of elongated clawed animals in Salin's Style I ornamentation, these being of double and triple stranded ribbons. A gilt finish remains within the recesses of the design.

A gusset plate was sometimes sewn to the sleeve of a garment in conjunction with a pair of functional wrist clasps as a decorative dress accessory. The fact that these fittings are few in number suggests that they were not a common feature.
See also; UKDFD 27075, UKDFD 17061 & UKDFD 3271

Category: Early Medieval, Wrist clasps
Category: Wrist clasps
Disc Brooch Thu, 23 Sep 2021 14:04:09 GMT Plate brooches Disc Brooch  
Description: A zoomorphic disc brooch of the Anglo-Saxon period. The front is decorated with an open-mouthed quadruped with a mane looking backwards towards its tail. The body is decorated with two ring-and-dot motifs, and there is a further one on the head representing an eye. Around the periphery is a circular blocked border. On the back, the surface has been filed flat. The simple hinge loop is intact, but the catchplate and pin are missing.
Category: Early Medieval, Brooches, Plate brooches
Category: Plate brooches
Strap-End Wed, 22 Sep 2021 20:59:35 GMT Strap-ends Strap-End  
Description: An incomplete copper-alloy strap-end of the medieval period. The strap-end is cast in one piece with a slender, plain attachment end, bifurcated to accommodate the strap, and a very large terminal moulded in the form of a fleur-de-lis. Part of the attachment end is now missing, including the rivet-hole(s) that secured the strap.

The one-piece design is quite unusual for strap-ends of medieval date, although it was almost universal for those made during the preceding Anglo-Saxon period. A relatively early date therefore seems likely.

For a complete example of similar one-piece type, see PAS: YORYM-42FF23. For medieval strap-ends of the more usual composite type with fleur-de-lis terminals, see UKDFD 4022 and PAS: LVPL-15CFF2.
Category: Medieval, Strap-ends
Category: Strap-ends
Pastry Jigger Wheel Mon, 20 Sep 2021 17:53:31 GMT Tools and implements Pastry Jigger Wheel  
Description: A cast copper-alloy pastry jigger wheel. The wheel is radially fluted to produce the zigzag cutting edge, and drilled at its centre for the axle bar. Corroded residue from the iron axle bar is present in the hole.
Category: Post-Medieval to Modern, Tools and implements
Category: Tools and implements
La Tène I Brooch Mon, 20 Sep 2021 14:27:59 GMT Brooches La Tène I Brooch  
Description: An incomplete La Tène I brooch of the Iron Age period. It has an arched and leaf-shaped bow which is decorated with two lentoid grooves that follow it's contours. Three coils of the integrally cast spring with axis bar and external chord survive. The tapered leg with returned ornamental foot and catchplate, along with the pin are all missing.
Category: Iron Age, Brooches
Category: Brooches
Stirrup-Strap Mount Sun, 19 Sep 2021 15:41:20 GMT Stirrup fittings Stirrup-Strap Mount  
Description: A plain late Anglo-Saxon stirrup-strap mount of Williams Class A. The mount is of elongated triangular form with rounded apex loop.There are two iron attachment rivets just above the right-angled flange, and on the back is staining from a separate iron backplate.

Category: Early Medieval, Stirrup fittings
Category: Stirrup fittings
Spur Attachment Sun, 19 Sep 2021 11:59:45 GMT Spurs, including rowels and hook attachments Spur Attachment  
Description: A copper-alloy spur attachment dating to the post-medieval period. The fitting has a lozenge-shaped body, which tapers to a closed, forward-facing hooked end with two lateral lobes at the junction. A mushroom-shaped stud with a large teardrop-shaped head is riveted to the centre of the lozenge-shaped section. The leathers were attached by means of the stud, and the fitting was hooked to one of the spur terminals (see UKDFD 5673 and UKDFD 28172).
Category: Post-Medieval to Modern, Spurs, including rowels and hook attachments
Category: Spurs, including rowels and hook attachments
Mourning Brooch Sat, 18 Sep 2021 12:45:50 GMT Brooches Mourning Brooch  
Description: A gold rope-twist frame from a mourning brooch of the Victorian period. The frame, now distorted, has four evenly spaced tubes, each with two rows of knurled decoration, two of the tubes bear the remains of the hinge and the C-clasp. The purpose of the tubes was to retain a woven plait of hair. The centre-piece, now missing, would have held a decorative hair arrangement under glass.
For similar brooches of the period see images 4 and 5
Category: Post-Medieval to Modern, Jewellery and dress accessories, Brooches
Category: Brooches
Trade Weight Sat, 18 Sep 2021 12:41:56 GMT Trade weights Trade Weight  
Description: A flat circular two dram (eighth-ounce) trade weight of the Georgian period, showing the following verification marks:

1. A ewer - The London Founders' Company mark (11 o'clock)
2. The sword of St Paul - the City of London Guildhall mark (1 o'clock)
3. Crown over ’G’ - the royal cypher (6 o'clock)

There is no ’A’ for Averdepois, as is often the case with weights of one ounce or less.
Category: Post-Medieval to Modern, Weights, Trade weights
Category: Trade weights
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