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Obsolete Reference Numbers Dec 19, 2023 Standard Catalogue of British Coins, new editions of which are usually published annually.

For this reason, future citations of Spink coin numbers referenced on our database records will include the year of the edition to which they refer, e.g. Spink (2024) 777A. It is not practicable to review all database records retrospectively, but we will update any individual records brought to our attention by recorders or database users.]]>
Membership Options and Prices - Summary Jan 10, 2023
Membership can be purchased from £20 per year, but longer-term options are available at a cheaper pro-rata price. Membership gives unlimited access to view records and use the database search tools. It does not, however, include the recording of finds, for which members will also need to purchase a recording package. 

Recording packages can be purchased for £5, £15 or £30. These packages provide for the upload of 5, 20 and 60 records respectively. The recording packages are not time-limited, but membership must initially be purchased before they become available. If membership subsequently lapses, but unused uploads remain, they can still be used, but access is then restricted to viewing the recorder's own records.

The details above are correct at 10 January 2023.]]>
Gold Coins of Anglo-Saxon England Sep 24, 2022 Gold Coins of Anglo-Saxon England, will be available from late October, but can be ordered now at a discounted price. Details are shown below.

Fully illustrated in colour and comprehensively referenced, 160 pages, £30 (+P&P).
Early-bird price before 22nd October 2022, £25 (+P&P).
Available from late October 2022 from
Trade enquiries to Shaun Tyas of Paul Watkins Publishing,

In 1948, Humphrey Sutherland published Anglo-Saxon Gold Coinage, the earliest truly comprehensive catalogue of the subject matter, including the first full description of the Anglo-Saxon coins in the Crondall hoard of 1828.
There has been no complete, illustrated catalogue since. Such is the glacial rate of numismatic progress on early gold.
However, in the digital era advancement is accelerating. With the increasing popularity of metal-detection in recent decades, more finds have surfaced. The Portable Antiquities Scheme has facilitated recording and public access. Popular metal detection websites and magazines have enabled improved access to information. Auction catalogues have broadcast high resolution images and recent results have obliterated previous records.
In an attempt to make identification swifter and more reliable, and readily eliminate bogus coins, the author of the ground-breaking Sceatta List now complements that work with a prequel – a complete and beautifully illustrated account of all recorded early English gold coinage – over 80 different varieties.
This compact volume is essential for all detectorists, field liaison officers, curators, scholars, dealers, auction cataloguers and collectors.

Membership Account Deletion - Information Sep 21, 2022
Expiry of a paid subscription does NOT result in removal of the member's account. Records remain associated with the account and renewal of the subscription can be made at any time.]]>
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