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The administration team of UKDFD (UK Detector Finds Database) is pleased to announce the launch of a new facility for metal-detectorists operating in the UK.

What is UKDFD?

UKDFD is an initiative by a group of metal-detecting enthusiasts who wish to promote good practice within the hobby by providing an easy-to-use, friendly and supportive environment in which detectorists can record and show their finds, obtain identifications, and preserve the information for future generations.

How will UKDFD work?

Those joining the scheme will have immediate access to the UKDFD database for uploading details of their finds. On entering their first record, a personal gallery will be created for each user, which, as it grows, may be shared with friends, browsed or searched in the same way as a personal database. Requirements for entering records will include basic information about the item, where it was found, and a clear image, or set of images, to show all features of it. There will also be provision for entering additional optional information, including the finder’s own identification of the item. A member of the UKDFD identification team will then review the entry, confirm the identification, and place the record on the ‘live’ database.

What about the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS)?

UKDFD recommends the services and supports the principles of the PAS, and is not intended in any way to compete with this scheme. However, it is recognised that for various reasons many finds are not presently being recorded. UKDFD’s objective is to address this situation by providing an additional facility that will cater for those detectorists who would not otherwise record their finds. In addition, it will provide for the recording of post c.1650 finds, many of which are not currently within the remit of the PAS.

Who will have access to view the UKDFD database?

The database will be available to anyone. It is the intention that it will eventually become a valuable Internet resource for identification and research purposes.

How will UKDFD be financed?

Initially UKDFD will be financed by the team that has set it up, but plans are being developed to raise the funds necessary to secure its long-term future. Potential sources of finance include metal-detecting rallies, sponsorship, and voluntary donations. The costs of running the scheme are mainly those associated with the hosting and use of the database. The administration team and those providing the identifications are respected specialists in their chosen fields, who will provide their services completely free of charge.

How do I join UKDFD?

Visit our website at and follow the online instructions.

UKDFD Copyright 2005
Version 2005.06.13


UKDFD Copyright 2005
Version 2005.06.13