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Privacy Policy

The UKDFD administration team takes all reasonable measures to protect the privacy of its users and the confidentiality of recorded information. In general, personal information provided for the purpose of registration, and private information associated with records will not be disclosed to other users, or to any third party. It should be noted, however, that the UKDFD may be required to disclose such information to the police and other public law enforcement agencies.

Users must ensure that their password remains private. If there is any reason to suspect a violation of such privacy, the password must be changed immediately.

Users must not upload personal information (telephone numbers, addresses, etc.) to the public areas of the forum or the database. The administrators will remove any such information as soon as it comes to their notice.

Notwithstanding this policy, registered users may choose to give others access to their email address.
The administrators would advise users to consider the possible consequences of this option before deciding.
The default status is that a user’s email address is not accessible.

Issued 01/08/2005
Revised 24/08/2011


UKDFD Copyright 2005
Version 2005.06.13