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Search tips

Any database is only as good as the search engine it employs. We have built an easy to use but very powerful search facility for UKDFD, which gives you many different options for searching our records.

Quick search

From the main index, you can simply type a few keywords into the search box and click the 'Go' button. All records containing these keywords will be displayed on the resulting page. Try searching the database with a few descriptive words that are most likely to be present in the records you are seeking. However, please note that if, for example, you want to search for all pennies of Edward III, and you enter just “Edward”, you are likely to find not only records of Edward III, but those of all kings named Edward, and finders and authors of that name as well. If, on the other hand, you search using the keywords “Edward", "III" and "penny", you are much more likely to find exactly what you are looking for.

Recent records

If you are a regular user of the database, you will find the 'Recent Records' search facility at the top right of the index page very useful. Simply choose from 'last day', 'last 7 days' or 'last 14 days', or if you want to browse the entire database, select 'all'. This is very useful if you visit daily, weekly or fortnightly, as it allows you to see all the entries since your last visit.

Advanced search

If you need to refine the search criteria further, simply click the 'Search' link which can be found on every page. This will then load the advanced search page.

You can choose to search the database by:

  • Title 2
  • Title and description3
  • All fields4
  • Comments5
  • Username6
  • Specified date range7
  • UKDFD reference number8
  • By category or by multiple categories9

Keyword search

Simply add your search words into the 'Keywords' text box1 and then choose the best method of searching the database. For example, if you wanted to search for all pennies of Edward III, you could enter "Edward" and "III" as the keywords, then while holding the Ctrl button on your keyboard, click both the categories 'Edward I, Edward II, and Edward III 1st Coinage only' and 'Edward III' in the drop down list9. Having selected the appropriate categories, click the 'Execute Search' button10 at the bottom of the page. You will then have all records displayed, containing the words "Edward" and "III", from the categories 'Edward I, Edward II, and Edward III 1st Coinage only' and 'Edward III'.

Search by username

This search feature allows you to view all database entries from any specified user. Type the username into the 'Search by Username' text box6 and then press the 'Execute Search' button10.

Search by date range

You can search the database chronologically using the 'Specify a date range' set of fields7. For example, if you wanted to search all records added over the last three months, you would type “3” in the first box and then choose 'month(s)' from the drop down box. By pressing the 'Execute Search' button,10 you will retrieve all records from the database submitted within the last three months.

Search by UKDFD ref. no.

You can also search for a specific entry if you know the unique UKDFD reference number. Type the number into the 'Search by UKDFD Ref. No.' box8 and click the 'Execute Search' button10. You will then see just this single record displayed on the resulting page. When you use this feature, make sure the 'Keywords' text box1 is left blank.


UKDFD Copyright 2005
Version 2005.06.13