• Dec 29, 2018

    UKDFD Review 2018

    As Christmas and the new year approach, so too does our first full year of operation on the latest incarnation of the UKDFD website. (It doesn't really seem appropriate to refer to it as the 'new website' any longer!) We therefore thought it would be a good idea to review how things have gone, and to update everyone on where we now are, both technically and from a recording and membership perspective. ******************************************* We had originally hoped to launch by...
  • Although we record only fairly basic personal information, and everything we hold has been provided freely by our members themselves, we thought it wise to take a look at our Privacy Policy in the light of the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on 25 May, 2018. As a result of this review, we have refreshed and expanded our Privacy Policy to ensure that all aspects are in line with the Regulation. The wording of the policy now lets our members...
  • Apr 15, 2018

    UKDFD News

    Following comments received from members, we have altered the 'Record View' on the mobile version of our website. The view on a smartphone is now closer to that on our desktop website. It shows a gallery of thumbnails, each of which can be touched to display a complete high-resolution image. Below each high-resolution image there is a set of navigation buttons for moving backwards and forwards through the gallery or displaying them as a slide-show. Alternatively, the individual images can be...
  • As we have said before, work on developing the new Website and fixing minor issues continues on an ongoing basis. We are now pleased to update everyone on the changes made since our last News was posted on 26 February. 1. We have created a new feature, which we are calling 'VAQs' - short for Video Answered Questions. This is a series of short videos to help people, particularly newcomers, to sign up and find their way around the website. A link to the VAQs can be found on the footer menu of...
  • Work on developing the new UKDFD did not stop when we launched in January, but continues on an ongoing basis. We are now pleased to update everyone on the changes made since our last News was posted on 8 February. 1. You can now choose which of your images appears on the pdf you create from your record. You do this at the time of recording by selecting the applicable 'radio button' below each of your images. This means, for example, that if you upload the obverse of a coin as Image 1, the...
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