• May 20, 2024

    Forum Closure

    Following our review of the recent outage of the database, we have reluctantly taken the decision to close down the UKDFD forum in order to minimise future risks. The forum was mainly used by our team to discuss identification and related database matters, but it was also used by some members, particularly to provide additional or improved images for their records. We have now made alternative arrangements for the team, and we will provide an email address for members to send images whenever the...
  • May 19, 2024

    Database Outage

    The UKDFD website encountered a problem on Wednesday 15th May and has been unavailable for several days. It is now back online, but the recovery necessitated the use of backup files created before the problem occurred. As a result, any additions or changes made between the creation of the backup files and the restoration of the database have been lost. We believe that only the latest two or three records were affected, but if you have uploaded since 14th May, please check that your record is...
  • Next year (2025) will mark the twentieth anniversary of the UK Detector Finds Database (UKDFD). Since its inception, metal-detectorists have recorded well over 50,000 coins and artefacts, and the records collectively have had 45 million views. Such a valuable resource, particularly with its user-friendly search and record-comparison facilities, has increasingly become of interest to researchers outside the metal-detecting hobby (academics, collectors, etc.). Some of these researchers are...
  • It has come to our attention that some of the reference numbers cited on earlier UKDFD records have been rendered obsolete as a result of publishers making changes in later editions of their catalogues. This is particularly the case with the Spink Standard Catalogue of British Coins, new editions of which are usually published annually. For this reason, future citations of Spink coin numbers referenced on our database records will include the year of the edition to which they refer, e.g....
  • The purpose of this post is to summarise and clarify membership options and prices for the benefit of prospective members visiting the website. More detailed information is available from FAQs and at applicable stages of registration and recording. Membership can be purchased from £20 per year, but longer-term options are available at a cheaper pro-rata price. Membership gives unlimited access to view records and use the database search tools. It does not, however, include the recording of...
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