About Us

Rod Blunt - Finds research and identification

Rod's speciality is coins. He first became interested in them while at secondary school, and has retained his enthusiasm ever since. During the intervening period of more than fifty-five years, he has gained an in-depth knowledge of the many types of coin that have circulated in Britain since the Roman occupation. He also has a basic knowledge of many European issues. Rod took up metal detecting in the late 1960s, and has been involved with the hobby ever since. He has published articles in metal-detecting and antiquities magazines, and on the UKDFD website. Rod joined the UKDFD in the early months of 2005 and worked on the structure and content of the website prior to its launch in September of that year. He has been a team member ever since, and has validated over 39,000 records. Rod is a passionate supporter of the metal-detecting hobby, and believes very strongly that it contributes significantly to our understanding of the past. Rod qualified as a chartered engineer in the early 1970s and pursued a career in engineering management. He has a son and two granddaughters.

Gary Brun - Website administration

Gary is the proud father of two children, numerous foster children and has four horses, two dogs, three cats, chickens - on his little farm in Norway! A firm believer in recording, Gary has supported the PAS and its work throughout the detecting industry, and has used his influence to promote responsible detecting. With a twenty-five year background in event management and the hospitality industry, he has been working with Internet-based technology for many years. He was the developer of the first detecting-related phpBB2 forum, and his contribution was fundamental to the establishment and operation of most of the major detecting forums on the UK detecting scene. Gary runs many detecting-related websites, and he is also a director of Hoard Hunters Ltd., which was formed after his TV show with Gordon Heritage on the History Channel. With a passion for creating music, one of his favourite ways to relax is to record in his recording studio above his stables.

Bob Green - Finds research and identification

Now retired from a demanding operational career in the Fire Brigade, Bob enjoys the peace and solitude that Norfolk offers him where he lives, writes and detects. Bob joined UKDFD as a recorder in 2006 and some three years later started contributing to the research and validation of records when he joined the team. Acquiring a passion for Anglo-Saxon antiquities, Bob has written subject material articles and in 2017 had a datasheet published by the Finds Research Group. 

Nigel Nicholson - Finds research and identification

Nigel is married, has four children and spends most of his spare time detecting with his two boys. He started detecting in 1977 at the age of twelve, and this led to an interest in collecting ancient coins and artefacts, many of which he has found himself. Nigel loves the challenge of identifying coins and tokens placed on various forums by other metal-detecting enthusiasts.

Sandra Shaw - Finds research and identification

Sandra is based in the Peak District, Derbyshire, married with one daughter, two sons and five grandchildren, and has the ability to talk the hind leg off a donkey, She started detecting soon after her retirement as a licensee in 2002 with a particular interest in artefacts, a natural progression after many years of collecting, restoring and later dealing in antiques. She is currently the Chair of the High Peak Metal Detecting Club.