Terms of Use

The UKDFD is a facility for recording small finds of the type typically made by metal-detectorists, and a resource for collectors, metal-detectorists and students to conduct research. To use the UKDFD for either recording or research, it is necessary to register and subscribe to a membership plan. Members wishing to record finds may do so by purchasing a recording package after registration.

The UKDFD will take measures to restrict registration and recording to bona fide users.

1. General

Your use of the United Kingdom Detector Finds Database (UKDFD) website is conditional on your acceptance of these terms and conditions. They are subject to change or modification by UKDFD at any time, and you should therefore review this statement on a regular basis to ensure that they remain acceptable to you. You should not use the UKDFD website if these terms and conditions are unacceptable to you.

2. Use of Website Content

2.1. You may download, print and use the content of the UKDFD website only for personal or educational, non-commercial use.

2.2. You may not reproduce any part of the content of the UKDFD website in any form without the express permission of UKDFD, unless it is solely for personal or educational, non-commercial use.

2.3. You may not store in any other website, electronic retrieval system, publication or other work any of the content of the UKDFD website in any form (whether hard copy, electronic or other) without the express permission of UKDFD.

3. Recording

3.1. You may record only finds made within the United Kingdom, and of the type typically found by metal-detectorists. Any other data (images and text) that are uploaded to the database will be removed. You should also be aware that certain finds, as a result of their frequency and/or minimal potential contribution to knowledge, are not eligible for recording on the UKDFD website. Detailed guidance on eligibility of items can be found here: Eligibility of Finds.

3.2. You warrant that all legal requirements relating to your finds have been fulfilled prior to uploading to the UKDFD website. Particular attention in this respect is drawn to the fact that the legal requirements for reporting finds differ in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Wales is subject to the same laws as England. Further information can be found at finds.org.uk (England and Wales), treasuretrovescotland.co.uk (Scotland) and: ehsni.gov.uk (Northern Ireland).

3.3. You warrant that you are not infringing the copyrights of any third party in respect of the images or other data that you upload to the UKDFD website.

3.4. You grant UKDFD a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free and sub-licensable licence to exercise your copyright in the information that you upload to the UKDFD website. Restrictions on the use of your information are stipulated by UKDFD in these terms and conditions, but UKDFD will not be liable for any breach of these restrictions by third parties.

3.5. You are not able to edit or delete your records once they have been activated and published on the database. Unsatisfactory records will be removed by UKDFD prior to activation. On their validation, records are permanent, and their removal, or any change to them, is solely at the discretion of UKDFD.

3.6. You accept that UKDFD may remove any images or data uploaded to the UKDFD website that fail to meet the required standards of quality. Information regarding quality requirements can be found in Recording Guidelines.

4. Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

4.1 UKDFD does not make any warranty in respect of either the availability of the UKDFD website or the accuracy of information it contains. These are provided strictly on an "as available" and "as is" basis respectively.

4.2 UKDFD does not warrant that any files downloaded, or sites accessed, via the UKDFD website will be free of viruses or similar harmful features.

4.3 UKDFD shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss arising out of the use of the UKDFD website. You assume the entire risk for any use you may make of the UKDFD website, and any reliance you place on the information it contains.

4.4 The provision of links on the UKDFD website to Internet sites owned and operated by third parties does not imply any endorsement or recommendation of those sites by UKDFD.

5. Miscellaneous

The interpretation of these terms and conditions shall be governed by English law. The determination of any disputes relating to your use of the website will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Issued 22/12/2017
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