Eligibility of Finds

This document is a guide to help members determine whether a find is eligible for recording on the database.

Prehistoric stone tools and weapons, metal artefacts that date before circa 1650, and coins up to 1662 are eligible for recording on the database. Nondescript and irregular fragments of metal and badly worn coins are exceptions to this general rule.
In order to exclude material that would add little or nothing to existing knowledge. later finds are restricted to the categories listed below. Within the listed categories, certain objects may be deemed ineligible by virtue of their condition (damaged, corroded or incomplete) or the frequency with which they are found. It is not practical to describe and list all such objects, so where there is any uncertainty, recorders are advised to seek guidance before uploading.
Please note that eligibility should not be assumed on the basis of existing records on the database. Some records exist solely to provide a representative example of a particular class of object. Others pre-date changes to eligibility criteria.
Eligible Post-1662 Coins:

  •     Coins: UK regal gold, but only if in at least fine condition and undamaged
  •     Coins: UK regal silver up to 1815, but only if in at least fine condition and undamaged
  •     Coins: Foreign all metals up to 1840, but only if in at least fine condition and undamaged
  •     Please note that post 1662 coins, other than those listed above, are not eligible.
Eligible Post-1650 Artefacts:
  •     Badges
  •     Barrel locks and keys
  •     Buckles to c.1900
  •     Buttons: decorated up to c.1900
  •     Buttons: local militia & volunteer
  •     Buttons: livery
  •     Button hooks
  •     Clog and shoe clasps
  •     Cooperative Society checks
  •     Crotal bells
  •     Cutlery up to c.1900
  •     Finger rings up to c.1900
  •     Foot pattens
  •     Furniture fittings to c.1900
  •     Horse furniture
  •     Jetons
  •     Jewellery to c.1900
  •     Jews harps
  •     Keys up to c.1900
  •     Lead toys
  •     Market traders' tallies
  •     Medals and medalets
  •     Metal tickets and passes
  •     Militaria: Badges
  •     Militaria: Belt clasps
  •     Militaria: Uniform buttons to c.1900
  •     Pipe tampers
  •     Pub checks
  •     Seal matrices
  •     Sovereign cases
  •     Spurs
  •     Thimbles up to c.1900
  •     Tokens
  •     Tools and implements up to c1900
  •     Toy cannons
  •     Vesta cases
  •     Watch winders
  •     Weights: Apothecaries
  •     Weights: Bullion
  •     Weights: Coin
  •     Weights: Trade
  •     Whistles
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