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Hoard_Ref_HR001 - Denarii of the Roman Republic
Hoard_Ref_HR002 - A small 'purse loss' of Tudor and Stuart coins
Hoard_Ref_HR003 - A significant hoard of Henry III period long cross coins
Hoard_Ref_HR004 - A small hoard of Elizabeth I and James I coins
Hoard_Ref_HR005 - A small hoard of short cross coins dating to the reign of King John
Hoard_Ref_HR006 - Gold and silver coins of the period of Edward IV
Hoard_Ref_HR007 - Gold and silver coins of the period of Henry VIII
Hoard_Ref_HR008 - A small 'purse loss' of Edward I and Edward II coins
Hoard_Ref_HR009 - A few denarii of the 1st century AD
Hoard_Ref_HR010 - A few imported Gallo-Belgic gold staters
Hoard_Ref_HR011 - A hoard of Henry I pennies
Hoard_Ref_HR012 - A significant and extremely unusual hoard of brass coin and bullion weights
Hoard_Ref_HR013 - A small 'purse loss' of Elizabeth I coins
Hoard_Ref_HR014 - A small group of pennies of Edward I and Alexander III of Scotland
Hoard_Ref_HR015 - A hoard of medieval silver coins, ranging from Edward I to Henry VI
Hoard_Ref_HR016 - A significant hoard of Roman Republican and early Imperial denarii
Hoard_Ref_HR017 - A small hoard of bronze coins of the Constantinian period
Hoard_Ref_HR018 - A small hoard of Roman Republican and early Imperial denarii
Hoard_Ref_HR019 - Three gold coins of Edward III, probably a 'purse loss'.
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