How do I purchase a Membership Plan and a Recording Package?

Jan 30, 2019

Membership Plans and Recording Packages can be purchased using either UKDFD Credits or PayPal.
You can check whether you have any UKDFD Credits by clicking on your name at the top right of the website page and selecting 'My Credits'. This will tell you how many Credits you have and give you the option to purchase additional Credits.

You must purchase a Membership Plan before you can purchase a Recording Package. To purchase a Membership Plan, click on your name (as above), go to 'My Profile' and select the 'Membership' tab. From here you will see your Membership Plan, or a link to purchase one. Follow the link, select your plan, and pay with Credits or via PayPal, as applicable.

Having purchased a Membership Plan, you are able to add a Recording Package. You do this by clicking on your name (as above) and selecting 'My Packages'. If you have previously purchased a Recording Package it will show here. Otherwise follow the link, select your Recording Package, and pay with Credits or via PayPal, as applicable.

1. This FAQ is aimed at users who registered with previous versions of UKDFD and can log in to the present website. New members simply click on 'Sign Up' and follow the on-line instructions.
2. Credits do not themselves allow you to upload records, but they can be used to purchase a Recording Package.
3. It is more cost-effective to use UKDFD Credits than PayPal when purchasing either Recording Packages or a Membership Plan.
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