Coins Section, Category-Tree Update

Nov 10, 2021
When we originally configured the database (2005), we had to take a 'best guess' approach to creating the various categories into which each record would be placed. Our aim was to make the database as browsable as it is searchable.

We have been pleased with our early decisions in this respect, but inevitably as the database has grown, some minor 'tweaking' has become desirable. This is particularly the case in the 'Coins' section, where finds are both chronologically and geographically more closely attributable than their 'Artefacts' counterparts.

The numbers of records that have accrued over our sixteen years of operation now make it worthwhile to have fully discrete categories for Irish, Scottish and foreign coins of all periods, as well as the more Anglocentric categories that we originally created. This eliminates the multiplicity of locations that previously existed for non-English coins of medieval or later date. An Irish or Scottish coin of whatever date, for example, will now be found under 'Irish coins' or 'Scottish coins' respectively.

Restructuring the database entails moving records from 'old' categories to 'new' ones, so recorders should not be alarmed if they have received notifications of their records being moved.

The restructuring process is manual, so it is likely that some records will have inadvertently been overlooked. If you come across any apparent errors, please let us know.
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