New Features and Updates

Mar 20, 2018
As we have said before, work on developing the new Website and fixing minor issues continues on an ongoing basis. We are now pleased to update everyone on the changes made since our last News was posted on 26 February.

1. We have created a new feature, which we are calling 'VAQs' - short for Video Answered Questions. This is a series of short videos to help people, particularly newcomers, to sign up and find their way around the website. A link to the VAQs can be found on the footer menu of any page. The VAQs supplement our FAQs and can be viewed by anyone who visits the site.

2. While on the subject of videos, we have also produced a new promotional video to go with the new website. If you would like to take a look at this one, it can also be found via the footer menu, in this case under the link 'About Us'.

3. We have restored links to Reference Articles, mostly written by our team members, and many of which have been updated. A link to the list can be found on the footer menu of any page. It includes Rod's 'Coinsearcher' app, which helps with the identification of worn and cut coins. Scottish short and long cross reverses have now been added to their English counterparts.

4. The searches shown in the Tag Cloud are now based on 'All words in any order' to reflect the default setting we have for the home page keyword search. Clicking on a tag cloud search is now far more likely to produce results than previously.

5. We have added more direct links to the automatic emails you receive about the status of your records, so that you can view them directly from the email as they progress from one category to another, etc.

6. The 'County' field, previously omitted from searches, is now included.

7. Errors in the number of records shown in the category tree have been corrected.

The UKDFD Team
20 March 2018
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