New Features and Updates

Feb 26, 2018
Work on developing the new UKDFD did not stop when we launched in January, but continues on an ongoing basis. We are now pleased to update everyone on the changes made since our last News was posted on 8 February.

1. You can now choose which of your images appears on the pdf you create from your record. You do this at the time of recording by selecting the applicable 'radio button' below each of your images. This means, for example, that if you upload the obverse of a coin as Image 1, the reverse as Image 2, and a combined obverse and reverse as Image 3, you can choose Image 3 as the image that is used when you create a pdf. For an artefact, you can choose the image that shows the complete object to best effect.

2. We have changed the default Keyword search on the home page from 'Exact match' to 'All words in any order'. This will result in a lot more hits, for example 'Edward 4a penny' returns 82 records at the time of writing; previously it would have returned none!

3. The 'Date Recorded' has been automatically added to the online record.

4. A problem which prevented the 'Sort by date' toggle working on the Coins and Artefacts pages has been fixed.

5. We have improved the layout of the pdf form by removing superfluous details, adding the date of recording, and fitting all labels on a single line. Many pdfs will now occupy just a single page, which is tidy, and ideal for printouts.

 6. We have added an invoice option (you will now see My Invoices on your Account Menu) when making a payment. This will be particularly advantageous for busineses and other organisations who wish to register with us.

7. We have taken additional measures to protect confidential information.

We continue to work on adding new features to the website and fixing minor glitches, so keep an eye on our periodic News releases to ensure you have the latest information. If you believe something is not working correctly, please don't hesitate to let us know.

The UKDFD Team
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