UKDFD Milestone

Aug 07, 2021
UKDFD recently reached a milestone of 50,000 published records, of which our team has identified or validated over 98% (Virtually 100% in the case of coins). For the large majority of records, our identifications are supported by cited references to respected sources.

In turn, the material recorded on the UKDFD is cited in academic papers, popular publications and hobby websites. Students are using the database to conduct research and publish articles and guides. Our team member Bob Green, for example, has referenced UKDFD records in his Finds Research Group paper, 'Post-Cast Modifications to Anglo-Saxon Strap-Ends', and Rod Blunt has made much use of the records for his British Coins & Artefacts website. Brian Read's popular books on the identification of buttons, clasps, thimbles, etc. feature many illustrations based on UKDFD records.

In addition to the above, many unique and significant finds have been recorded on the database. These are to be found in the two carousels on the home screen entitled 'Coin Finds of Special Interest' and 'Artefact Finds of Special Interest'. Just stop the carousel by positioning mouse pointer on it, and click on any of the sliding images to view its full record.

Many of our members have been with us almost since we launched UKDFD in 2005, and have personal galleries of finds numbering many hundreds, or even more in a few cases! (Members galleries can be viewed by other members simply by clicking the 'Recorder's other Records' link at the top right of every record.)

We are sometimes asked if it is OK for a member to record other people's finds. This is fine as long as the finder's permission is obtained, the find-spot details are known to be reliable, and the required details and images are available. In such cases, the record will appear in the member's own gallery, and the upload used will be from their own recording package. We would obviously prefer that finders subscribe in their own name, but we understand that not everyone wants to make this commitment.

We would like to be able to update the database software, make some minor changes and sort out a few bugs, but we are not currently able to do so. We are financed solely by our membership and recording subscriptions, which barely cover our running costs (server charges, etc.), even though everyone on the team gives their time freely. We would very much like to find a long-term, reliable alternative or supplementary source of finance, but for the present we have to rely on the subscription model. One change we intend making shortly is the withdrawal of the £15 standard annual membership. The new structure will mean that the current annual+ membership becomes the standard annual membership, for which the cost will remain at £20. Other classes of membership will remain as at present. This will hopefully slightly improve income, and at the same time make the choices simpler. Current plans and prices will remain in effect for the time being, so anyone wishing to take advantage of the £15 annual plan is free to do so until the change.
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